Bill McKay

Bill McKay

So Bill, tell me what brought you to Vineyard?  Its reputation for delicious coffee?

That’s certainly an important part of it. My favorite smell is freshly ground coffee.  Nothing beats the coffee we grind and serve here at the Vineyard.

You’ve got your cup of coffee. If not at church, where are you going to drink it; beach or mountains?

 Beach. Love the ocean. Has to be the ocean, though. Not a lake. And it has to be the correct ocean—the Pacific. Except for Maine. I like the Atlantic in Maine.

The correct ocean is the Pacific.  I will tuck that away for future use.  So do you play any sports?

I try to play golf. The evidence casts doubt on whether I actually do.

Did you know as a child you’d end up in church leadership?

 As a child, I didn’t even know I’d end up in church.


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