We’re kicking off the 2020-2021 school year with an afternoon of fun on Saturday, September 12. Stay tuned for more details.

Our Youth Ministry is committed to providing a fun and supportive community for students — a place where they can learn and experience the power of God in real and tangible ways. We also seek to equip students with a lasting foundation so they move into their futures with confidence and hope in Christ.

Our Youth Group (6th-12th grades) has moved to a small group structure for 2020.   Four or five students will be paired with a leader for the full semester.  This new structure was chosen to best honor social distancing requirements and every person’s safety concerns as well as promote deeper relationships.  Our small groups will meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month at various locations (ideally outdoors, always adhering to county covid-19 guidelines).  We will also host a monthly social event for the whole youth group.

Interested in joining a small group? Questions? Email our Youth Group Administrator, Erinn Stevens (CCB login required) or contact the office to get connected to Erinn. 

What kind of stuff do we do in our small groups? We hang out, learn about the truths in the Bible, and share our lives with each other. While we always have fun, we also delve deeper into understanding God and His truth, serving those around us, and growing in authentic community with one another.

What are some other youth activities at the Vineyard?  In the covid-19 era, some of our typical hangouts aren’t possible, but we’re creatively brainstorming ways to have our usual awesomeness, serve our community, and respect every person’s health and safety.  Check the calendar here for up-to-date information! 

Contact Tom Holt, our Youth Pastor, for more info (CCB login required). You can also contact the office to get connected to Tom.

Our desire is for students to:

Engage in Community
• develop relationships
• experience mentorship

Grow in Christ
• learn about God
• discover their identity in Jesus
• encounter God experientially

Participate in God’s Kingdom
• serve within and outside the church
• learn how God has gifted them and develop those gifts by using them

Meet Our Youth Leaders

Tom Holt, Youth Pastor
John & Aimee Baumgartner, High School Youth Leaders
Matt Uhles, Middle School Youth Leader
Erinn Stevens,   Middle School Youth Leader
Terra Youngren, High School Youth Leader
Brian & Amy Ford, Middle School Youth Leaders