Our church is not a one-person-show where the pastor speaks while we all watch and wait for him to “do all the stuff”. In our church, and the Vineyard movement as a whole, everybody gets to play. In other words, we create opportunities for normal people (not just the people up “on stage”) to do extraordinary things.  When you begin participating in the church, that’s when it really begins to become your church, your community. God has a place for everyone in His Kingdom whether you have been around for years or if this is your first week.

Where to start – New around here?  We’d love to get to know you and let you get to know a bit about us!  Start here and we’ll link you to some of the basics about VCC.

Small Groups – God designed us humans to live life together in community.  Small Groups are our way of doing just that (once a week, at least).  See when and where our groups meet, and check one (or two, or three) out.

Trainings – We offer several classes at the Vineyard to help you learn about our church, our theology, and how to put it into practice for yourself.

Reaching Out – We want to be a church with the heart of Jesus for the lost and marginalized of our society.  We engage in this together as the church, and we equip people to do this in their everyday lives.