Newcomer Events

Newcomer Events

We’re a very relational church and we love to get to know people. So when you visit, chances are that several welcoming people will introduce themselves to you.  And if we have one of our newcomer events coming up, you’ll probably get invited to one of

Newcomer Events – We periodically host events for newer people in the church. These events are for you to have an opportunity to meet a few of the leadership and learn more about the church. These sometimes meet at a member’s home and sometimes up at the VCC building. We typically share some food, learn a little about each other and a bit about the history of VCC.

We usually schedule newcomer events 2-3 times a year. Check out our calendar to see if we have any coming up.

Or Contact Us any time! – If we don’t have a newcomer event on the horizon and you’d like to learn more about our church, just email us at the office and we can have one of our pastors call you to answer any questions you might have.

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