We believe that “Everyone Gets to Play” at the Vineyard – which means that the ministry of the church is done by ALL of our members, not just the pastors and leaders.  So, a primary role of the church is to train our members to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus who are equipped to do the works of Jesus.

Click Here to view our calendar of events to find when our classes are scheduled.  Or contact the office for more details.

Newcomer Events – The Taste of Vineyard Newcomers’ Lunch and Vineyard Beginnings offer a great start for getting to know us, learning our basic beliefs and values, and getting more connected at the Vineyard.

Vineyard Life Series – Through Vineyard Foundations, Ministry Discovery, and All-In, you’ll get a more in depth look at how to live the “rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10) that Jesus promises us.

Prayer Ministry Training – Of course, there are many ways to pray, but the Prayer Ministry Model is one of the things that makes Vineyard distinctive as a movement. Beginning with “Can I pray for you right now?” the Vineyard Prayer Model is a way we bring God’s words and power for another person.  We want to teach you how at these trainings!

Topic-Specific Training – We also periodically offer training on many other topics, including parenting, marriage, finances, sanctification, the Bible, worship, and much more.  Contact the office if you want more info about any of these topical trainings.

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