Caleb Chou

Caleb Chou

Caleb, have you lived in St. Louis your whole life?

 No, actually I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Canada, eh?  How did you end up here?

We came to the U.S. when I was young, and I actually grew up in Boulder, Colorado.  I moved to St. Louis for college and now call it my home.  St. Louis is wonderful, especially in the fall.   I love watching the leaves turn and having cool nights with a fire on our patio.

That sounds lovely.  And of course, you’ve found your church home here.  What stood out about the Vineyard?

God seemed to be speaking to me directly every single week I came. I had never experienced anything remotely like that before.

One last, and most pressing question:  Do you untie your shoe laces when you take of your shoes?

Absolutely not! As an engineer, I am appalled by the inefficiency of shoe laces.

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