Doug Dunlap

Doug Dunlap

Doug, to begin, what is your favorite cereal?  Everyone wants to know.

My favorite cereal is Cap’n Crunch’s PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH (with chocolate milk). I can only eat it once every couple of years, because I end up eating the whole box in one sitting.

 That good, huh?  Well you must do something to burn off that whole box.  Do you play any sports?

Well, I do run, but I don’t run fast enough to call it a sport.

What would you call a sport?

I am a tennis fanatic. I have been known to create elaborate spreadsheets that map out the different future ranking scenarios for the top four tennis players to show what each would have to do at different tournaments and how that would affect their rankings. Go Federer!!!

Lastly, what stood out to you the most when you first attended the Vineyard?

The thing that stood out the most for me when I first attended this Vineyard church was the number of men I met that were serious about pursuing Jesus.

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