Devona Conger

Devona Conger

Devona, here’s a question I am asking most people.  Do you prefer the beach or mountains?

Beach – love the beach.  Being on the beach for the sunrise or sunset.  Watching the kids jumping the waves, looking for shells, playing in the sand.  Walking on the beach at night.  So peaceful, no worries.

Tell me about the best gift you’ve ever received.

It was the gift of my parent’s time.  When I had both Evan and Erica, my parents came and stayed with us when I came home from the hospital.  They put the baby monitor in their room and would get up in the night when the baby woke up, changed the baby, bring the baby to me to feed and then get the baby changed and back to sleep. What a wonderful gift and I only hope I am able to do this for my children.

That is so sweet.  It seems that they really saw what you needed and responded in a way that made you feel very loved.

Yes, and that’s also what I love the most about God.   I know that He sees me .  He knows how to speak to me in a way that I understand and it is so awesome when I talk to Him, how He answers me.  There is no mistaking that he heard me and He wants me to know that He did.

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