Aimee Baumgartner

Aimee Baumgartner

Aimee, that’s an uncommon spelling of the name.  Were you named after anyone?

I actually just recently discovered that my biological father picked my name and the spelling; his only reason was because it was pretty. Don’t worry, I was hoping for a better story, too!

What else is uniquely you?

I have red hair, but my eyes are brown, I don’t really have freckles, and I can get a tan. Most people don’t notice until I point it out. I’ve been told that puts me in a category of less than 1% of people in the world.

Would you prefer a mountain or beach vacation?

Am I allowed to say both? My favorite animal is the sea turtle, and I love playing in the waves, but sometimes I prefer the snow and thin air. It just depends on my mood and the season.

Did you know you would end up in church leadership?

Honestly, if you had asked me even a week before I started, I am not sure this is what I would have pictured myself doing. That is the funny and amazing thing about God — we never really see the whole picture, and in our limited scope we have ideas for our future, but they don’t always go as we plan. I like His plans better anyway!

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