David Stark

David Stark

So David, you were born and raised in the Midwest, right?  

Yes, in Topeka, Kansas.

Then you and your family moved to California to pursue more training for ministry.

Yes, we moved to Palo Alto, California, and got some great training from the Vineyard Church there.

I have heard that the Bay Area is nice. Do you miss it?  

Sometimes. One of the things I miss the most since we’ve been back is the beach and the great weather.  There is nothing like finding a secluded beach in Northern California to spend the day picnicking and napping…

So then you would probably pick Spring or Fall as your favorite season?  

I like all seasons, but my perfect year would be Spring for five months, Summer for two months, Fall for four months, and Winter for one month, with a huge snow storm right at Christmas.

Describe your sense of humor.  What makes you laugh?

Things strike me as the funniest when it is most inappropriate to laugh, which can be a real problem as a pastor.

Let me end with a more serious question. What is one characteristic or truth about God you love the most?   

I think the thing that most amazes me about God is that God actually loves me, He wants to be with me, and He even uses me in spite of how messed up I am…. sorry  I guess that was three things.

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