Posts from July 2022

Posts from July 2022

Gifted-The Limitless Holy Spirit

Episode Invitation: Yield to the Holy Spirt (Welcome the Holy Spirit, ask Holy Spirit to fill you) Walk in the Spirit (Welcome the Holy Spirit’s transforming love and power in all areas of your life) Minister in the power of the Spirit (Giving the fruit and gifts of the Spirit to others)

Gifted-Being the Gift

Episode Invitation:  Consider two questions: How much do you desire to fall more deeply in love with Jesus? What is one step you will take this week to seek Jesus? Put those answers into practice this week.


Episode Invitation: Read the following- You are God’s beloved child and a co-heir with Christ. You are God’s image bearer, a Spirit empowered minister who is uniquely gifted for this purpose. Work through the following- 1. Which statement/s do you know is/are true and which do you find difficult to believe? 2. Ask God for what you desire. 3. Ask the Holy Spirit for…

Gifted-God Already Knows

Episode Invitation: Spend time asking yourself if you really believe God has given you purpose and grace “before the ages began”. How convinced am I that God already knew me? Notice and thank God for the purpose and grace you see.