Josh and Stefanie Downs

Josh and Stefanie Downs

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Josh and Stefanie, we want to learn a little more about you both.  Tell us, what is the first thing you notice about people?

Josh: I always notice if people look me in the eye or not, which says a lot about them. I also ‘think’ that I can tell in the first minute if I am going to like someone or not. However, history would suggest I’m terrible at this. For example, I didn’t like my wife the first time I met her (even though I thought she was gorgeous) and I didn’t care too much for our pastor David. I married Stef and consider David one of my go-to people… so I am wrong a lot.  🙂

Stefanie: I always notice if someone is taller than me because it is pretty rare!

Do you have a favorite smell?

Josh: Yes, bacon and all things breakfast! Growing up, we’d spend time in Tennessee at my great grandparents farm. Every morning I woke up to the smell of bacon, sausage, fresh eggs, and homemade biscuits. Now, my mom will cook breakfast the same way when we visit my family in Alabama. I’m a southern boy so this is my happy place!

Stefanie: The smell when you walk into a donut shop is my absolute favorite smell. Growing up, my dad and I went almost every weekend to get donuts; and to this day, every time I walk into a donut shop it makes me tremendously happy.

What is your favorite hobby?

Josh: I like to work with my hands. Woodworking, construction, and air conditioning. It’s weird, but I love HVAC. I mean, really love it. I’ve done it on the side since I was 17 years old which is half my life now!

Stefanie: My favorite hobby is crafting; I make signs and chalkboards. (Actually, my husband makes them, and I just add the paint and chalk to make them beautiful!) One of our chalkboards is actually hanging in the church lobby now! (And can we just say, it looks fabulous!)

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