Getting away from our busy lives is a wonderful way to reconnect with God and each other.  We provide several opportunities each year for men and women to do just that.

For dates and registration information for this year’s retreats, contact the office.

Women’s Retreat – two-night retreat in April or May
Join the Vineyard ladies at Camp Mihaska in Bourbon, MO, for a weekend of teachings, worship, and girl time.

Men’s Retreats:

  • Men’s Mini-Retreat – 1-day retreat in April or May at Vineyard Church
    The men get together for a one-day retreat each Spring…last year, there was smoked meat and a keg (of root beer)! What will they come up with this year? Stay tuned to see…
  • Men’s Fall Retreat – 2-night retreat the first weekend in November
    Join the men at Camp Mihaska in Bourbon, MO, for a manly weekend of teachings, worship, and bro-time.

Solitude Retreats – Men and Women each have a 2-night solitude retreat every year
Get away from your busy life for a weekend in Ruma, IL, to rest and reconnect with God.  There is no structured program or teaching at this retreat, although we do offer optional times to eat together or gather for worship and prayer.

Family Retreat – 2-night retreat in June or July
Bring your kids on this family retreat at Camp Mihaska.  We’ll meet together for worship and some family-friendly teachings, but also have loads of free time to enjoy the camp’s activities: swimming, hiking, ropes course, and more!