Posts from May 2022

Posts from May 2022

Getting to #YourBestLife-Letting Go

Episode Invitation: Take some time this week to sit with one of your deaths, losses or disappointments and see how or if you have progressed through each of these steps from the Passover to Pentecost. Become willing to share where you are in this journey with God and with some trusted friends. Come back next week ready to embrace the truth that there is a New Spirit that…

Getting to #YourBestLife-Adjustment

Episode Invitation: “God longs to be with you, especially when you are not doing well.” Welcome Jesus into where you really are. Into your loss and your hope, trusting in Him and what He has promised Allow others who love you to come into your process of grief.

Getting to #YourBestLife-Loss

Episode Invitation: Invite the Holy Spirit to show you  any loss, or losses, in your life that need to be acknowledged. Name your loss to God and welcome Jesus into the pain of that loss. Then, share your loss with a trusted brother or sister in Christ and let them pray for you.

Getting to #YourBestLife-Trouble

Episode Invitation: Last week-  Ask Jesus to bring to mind something from your own life that needs the new spirit God wants to give. This week- In prayer, fully articulate your trouble/pain/ disappointment to God. Then ask for His will to be done. Bring some trusted friends into this trouble.