Staying at The Westin is sure to be an outstanding experience, as the hotel is gorgeous.  Parking, however, can be expensive.  Here are a few options we’ve found for you.

1.  Valet parking provided by The Westin – $27 per day.  Certainly the most expensive, but also the most convenient.

2.  Self parking, directly across the street from The Westin on Spruce street – $19 per day.  Convenient and much less expensive than valet.

3.  Self parking at 10th and Spruce, Cupples Station lot – $18 per day.  Also convenient and just down the block. Click the map for details.spruce




4.  Finally, many  parking meters are free after 7 pm until 8 in the morning.  If you can find one, it can save you tons of cash, but you’ll need to be sure to feed it after 8 am, as the city of St. Louis will gladly issue you a ticket!