As a church and as individuals, we want to bring God’s love and power to the world.  It’s something that we feel God asks of His followers and we take it very seriously.  That’s why we aim to be people who reach out and love others in our everyday lives, bringing the good things God has for them (peace, joy, healing, comfort).  That means our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, our families.  That also means the poor and marginalized in society – those that people often overlook or want to ignore.  When we join in sharing God’s love with those who don’t know Him, or those who are overlooked by society, we experience a very special part of God’s heart.

As a church, we encourage everyone to look around them in their daily lives for opportunities to reach out and share God’s love, healing, comfort, service, you name it!  But, we also provide opportunities to do that together with others in the church.  We’d love for you to come serve with us at one of our Compassion & Justice Ministry outreaches.  Check out more about our Compassion & Justice Ministry here.