In our church, we love kids and believe that you don’t have to wait until you are an adult to experience or express the gifts God has given you.  While parents are attending “big church,” we’re busy in the KidZone teaching kids that God is real, alive, active and has a plan for their lives that He wants to personally communicate to each of them.

Through our Praise & Prayer at the beginning of our time and the lesson that follows, we help your kids learn that God designed them uniquely, cares personally for them and wants to use them for His purposes – not just in the future, but starting now!  So, we do everything that the adults do upstairs – we study the Bible, we worship, we experience God, we pray and get prayer, and we use the gifts God has given to us to bless and serve others!

On Sundays, parents can check their kids into their classrooms starting 15 minutes before each service.

KidZone Nursery is a safe environment where babies can play and enjoy themselves during the entire service.  The Nursery is staffed with the same babysitter to greet you every week and one or two helpers to assist.

KidZone Preschool is a fun and energetic place where 2-4 year olds can start building the foundation of knowing Jesus through a lesson and creative play.

KidZone Elementary is split into two classes for grades K-2 and 3-5.  Both classes are places where our older kids are given more building blocks to their faith through a Bible lesson, arts, praying for and serving others.

We aim to create classrooms where kids have a good time and parents know their children are in good hands.  Teachers and helpers are trained prior to being assigned to classrooms, and each room is always staffed by two adults (teachers and helpers).  Each classroom also has a sign-in system which assures you that our staff can contact you if needed during the service and that your child can only be picked up by you after the service.

We would love for you to visit us in the KidZone!