Our mission is to move every person towards Jesus.

Our vision is to become an authentic community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who experience, demonstrate and tell all people about the reality of God’s Kingdom in everyday life.

Here at the Vineyard, our Mission Statement is the blueprint for the community we’re building, the measuring stick for everything we do as a church, and a road map for individual spiritual growth.

Engage in Community:

To us, an “authentic community” is one in which everyone is safe and welcome to come as they are; be real, open and honest about themselves, their beliefs, and their doubts; and build great friendships. We believe that engaging in a community like this is essential to experiencing all that God has for us.

There are lots of ways to start experiencing our “authentic community:”

Grow in Christ:

We value community so much because we believe that it’s essential to each person’s growth in relationship with Jesus. All of our ministries, activities, and classes are in the context of community and with the goal of developing “fully devoted followers of Jesus.”

 To learn more about the way we do ministry, check out some of these links:

Participate in God’s Kingdom:

At the Vineyard, when we talk about the “Kingdom of God,” we’re talking about the way God originally intended life, relationships, hearts and minds to be. We believe that by devotedly following Jesus and loving one another in an authentic community, we can experience more of life as God intended it and then share that with the world around us.

We provide several opportunities for people to learn to recognize and experience God’s Kingdom and share it with others: