When you look around at the faces of the people who gather together at our church you may have a difficult time seeing the commonality. Of course a number of us live in Kirkwood, where the church is located, but we have families that come from all over St. Louis. We are students, retirees, children, doctors, parents, young professionals, construction workers, and educators. Some of us were born and raised in St. Louis; others from across the United States and or around the world. There may even be a few Cubs fans hiding among us. While there are many differences in the people who make up our church, it’s the things we hold in common that make us a community.

The greatest common thread among us is the desire to see God revealing himself to us in our everyday lives and in the lives of our friends and neighbors.

We believe God is both personal and powerful.  And when we let Him in, our hearts are changed. Our lives our changed. Our families are changed. Our community is changed. That’s why we pray with each other with unusual frequency. When we pray together and ask God to come into our real life issues and circumstances, we experience God in real and powerful ways. God meets us where we are and loves us right there.

We strive to be a church that meets people where they are, and loves them right there as well.

These are the threads that make us a community, that make us a church.